Monk Lopon Pema Wangdak

Buddhism has been studying the nature of the problem over the course of more than twenty-five centuries, guided by the teaching of Shayamuni Buddha, which are known as the Buddhadharma. The Dharma is a set of universal teaching, meant for everyone who seek for the happiness. The Buddhadharma is based on the universal truth where all walk of life can pursue. HH Dalai lama often says dharma is to give mental hygiene. In short Buddha’s teaching can be condensed in a stanza

Commit on a single non virtuous action

Cultivate the wealth of virtue

Tame completely this mind of ours

This is the teaching of the buddhas

Corporate Wellness Program

At Nutromeditation, we know that behind every successful company, there’s people with strong business skills. With The Business School’s balance of academic learning and real workplace skills, you can be one of them. We offer over 30 different programs to build your business skills and develop your innovative thinking, making you part of the next generation of entrepreneurs.Nutromeditation providing you with the tools needed to turn stress, difficulties, and suffering into the presence, peace, and joy inherent in your own true nature!
Employee Wellness Program provides resources and educational opportunities focused on the complete integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical well-being are all considered in our holistic approach to wellness.

Diet Plan

An adhering to a good diet design gives your body the supplements it needs each day while remaining inside your day by day calorie objective for weight reduction. An adhering to a good diet design additionally will bring down your hazard for coronary illness and other wellbeing conditions. Foods will facilitate tame stress in many ways in which. Comfort foods, sort of a bowl of heat oatmeal, boost levels of monoamine neurotransmitter, a chilled brain chemical. A healthy diet will facilitate counter the impact of stress by supporting the system and lowering pressure.
An adhering to a good diet design:

  • Underscores vegetables, organic products, entire grains, and sans fat or low-fat dairy items. Incorporates lean meats, poultry, angle, beans, eggs, and nuts. Breaking points soaked and trans fats, sodium, and included sugars. Controls parcel sizes

School College Wellness Programs

The competing pressures of college life can increase stress and anxiety in college students and have negative outcomes on academic performance and overall well-being. The purpose of this study was to use qualitative measures to examine how participation in a college level experiential meditation course impacted students' outlook on life and relationship with others.Participants in our meditation session which blended techniques from the Buddhist and mindfulness traditions. Data was compiled from written contemplations students completed about their meditation experience.

Health Seminar

The Nutroyoga program combines ancient wisdom in a manner applicable to the modern day-to-day life needs. In today's busy and stressful life it is vital to take out just a few hours and learn how to successfully manage your emotions, receive practical tools to integrate ancient wisdom into daily life. A few hours for the duration of the Happiness program you effortlessly sponge up whatever is offered in the program (all the techniques, processes, practical tools). You go home as a calm, relaxed, healthier, more knowledgeable, happier person with easy-to-use tools you can use to maintain these benefits for life. A happy mind lets you stay calm; make better decisions and improve the overall quality of life.


Aeroyog is a mixture of Aerobics and Yoga. Aeroyog is a style of yoga in which the asanas yoga postures are sequenced together much faster than they ordinarily would be, in order to get the heart pumping and offer cardiovascular advantages.

Learning Meditation